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Spontaneous Travelers of U.S. Virgin Islands

Does your mother always nag you about how you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to get things done? Even though our mothers were right about most things, she may have gotten this one thing wrong. 

When booking travel, waiting until the last minute may be advantageous. If you have a flexible schedule and are willing and able to pack a bag and head to the airport at a moment’s notice, you may be rewarded with finding flights to the U.S. Virgin Islands at amazingly low prices. 

And when we say “amazingly low prices,” we mean it. Take a quick look at the current prices so you can see for yourself. Do you see the round-trip tickets from Chicago to the USVI for $260? Without looking too hard, you should be able to find flights from New York for less than $300, as well.

As soon as you book your flights, reach out to Sonic Charters. You may think that chartering a private boat would be out of your budget, but it is more affordable than you would think.

Your mom still may have reason to nag you about having a messy house. Perhaps she is correct that you are going through too many relationships or aren’t as focused at work as you should be, but the next time she yells at you for putting things off until the last minute, you will have an excellent rebuttal. Waiting until the last minute enabled you to score cheap tickets to the USVI. Your mom calls it poor planning? We call it spontaneous. And Sonic Charters loves spontaneous travelers. Book with us today. 

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