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Discover The St. Thomas’ best-kept secrets

Social media has changed the travel industry. It’s hard to keep beautiful, remote destinations a secret now because everyone shares their experiences with all their friends. Those remote destinations are uncovered and become inundated with tourists. 

Then there are also big names in travel, such as Frommer’s. They have been publishing tourism guides since the 1950s, and they have done a great job of uncovering some of the best-kept secrets in St. Thomas as well. 

This is good and bad. From others’ experiences, you can see how amazing it is to travel to the US Virgin Islands. You know that you will experience breathtaking views as you gaze across our tranquil, turquoise water. And you will learn from others that the experience is affordable and safe. 

At the same time, you may be craving to get off the beaten path. 

Lucky for you, Sonic Charters has a few tricks up their sleeves. We are known for our unusual boating adventures in the US Virgin Islands. We know the best routes from Hull Bay to Honeymoon. We know where you can find tranquil spots and shaded beaches. We know the best places for surfing in the Virgin Islands as well as the best sites for snorkeling.

Reach out to Sonic Charters to rent a boat in the Virgin Islands. We will share our favorite spots with you. Whether you chose to share those spots with your friends is up to you.

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