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One of the greatest joys of running the premier boat rental company in St. Thomas is watching our guests’ eyes light up as they return from snorkeling. Few activities on the planet offer such stimulating and peaceful access to beauty: we have repeat customers who call it the most meditative thing they do.

Even Johnny Depp found a way to make room for some underwater fun at his recent wedding to Amber Heard:

“Johnny’s private island is a tropical paradise. Wedding guests were treated to an amazing weekend that ended with a romantic beach ceremony,” a source told People magazine. “Guests relaxed on the beaches, had fun snorkeling and enjoyed food cooked by private chefs. Everyone seemed to have the best time. It was a very celebratory vibe.”

Now, let’s be clear: we’re not taking anyone to Johnny’s private island. But snorkeling in the Caribbean remains a magical experience wherever you go. The sea turtles, rays and tropical fish don’t know whether they’re putting on a show for Jack Sparrow or Joe Sixpack. The views are extraordinary everywhere.

Our St. Thomas boat rental deals are among the best in the region, with experienced captains, onboard freshwater showers, and much more. Call today to learn how you can enjoy a slice of the jet set life amidst the waters of the Caribbean.

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