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We have written before about the many reasons to go snorkeling in the USVI by renting a boat with Sonic Charters. From rays to turtles, coral to squid, there are few places on earth that can beat the stunning diversity of our islands.

Although snorkeling excursions are a thing already, they tend to be limited in scope: typically you and a large group go out to a set place, where you drop anchor and swim around for a while.

There is a better way. When you rent a boat with Sonic Charters, you can go anywhere, see anything, and bounce from location to location on a whim. Our captains know every inch of the Virgin Islands, including several secluded spots where you won’t see anyone else as you dip beneath the waves.

Snorkeling can be a transcendent experience, and nobody else offers as many ways to do it right. To take a snorkeling trip in St. Thomas or St. John, contact Sonic Charters today.

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