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Hate Packing? Here are Some Tips for You!

If you typically pack for a trip by throwing everything into a duffle bag on your way out the door, there is another way.

The secret? Lists, lists, and more lists are key to organizing ahead of time and packing with ease.

Here are some easy prep tips for the days leading up to vacation, to ensure you’re not leaving in a cloud of chaos:

Make a List!

Begin by making a list of everything you use on a daily basis. Start early, in order to avoid over-packing the wrong things and under-packing the essentials. Keep the list on your phone, so you can jot down everyday necessities as you go through the day, from your mid-morning snack to the way you like to always have gum handy.

Keep Important Stuff in One Location

Email important info to yourself so you have it all in one centralized place. Email travel plans, contact information, confirmation numbers for the vacation rental, car rental info, and the place your pets will be staying to access at a moment’s notice.

For the Flight

Pack snacks, entertainment, and small comforts to make the flight more enjoyable. Don’t forget your iPad, snacks, and water. Include reading material that you can pull from the overhead bins easily.

Your Carry-On

Treat your carry-on as a 3-day survival kit. If your luggage gets lost, you should theoretically be able to survive with this single bag. Toss in a swimsuit, deodorant, and a toothbrush. Roll up 3 outfits and stuff them in, along with a pair of pj’s.

Tuck in a mini-carry-on. This can be a small zippered pouch you can quickly grab at security, with your boarding pass, ID, and phone.

The Suitcase

  • Pack comfortable sleepwear for lounging around the vacation rental at night. You’ll want something warm and cozy for watching a movie in the AC after being in sun and salt all day.
  • Include a couple nice outfits to go out at night to local restaurants and bars.
  • Pack shoes (and socks) for going running in the mornings or working out at the condo gym, if that’s how you vacation. Tuck in hard-soled shoes for hiking, water shoes for coral, and sandals for the beach.
  • Stash your shoes in a grocery bag before placing them in your suitcase to keep from dirtying up your clothes.
  • Seal toiletries and anything that can leak in Ziploc baggies. Bring extra Ziplocs for toting snacks to the beach, and trash bags for bringing dirty laundry home.
  • Be sure to place a swimsuit and towel right on top so you can head straight to the beach as soon as you arrive.

Don’t Forget to Pack

Pack smart, so you don’t have to shop for necessities once you arrive. The last place you want to be is inside a store while the sun’s in full strength outside.

Don’t forget things like: A first aid kit, hand sanitizer, hair ties, extra contacts, lip balm, phone chargers, sunscreen, and aloe vera.

Bring shade and a cooler for the beach so you can set up shop anywhere. Pick up some diving toys for the pool and sand toys for the beach. Pack goggles and a snorkel if you own them. And if not, Sonic can provide them with your boat rental at the Virgin Islands!




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