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St. John island is home to a beautiful national park, abundant flora, and world-famous beaches. It’s also home to some extraordinary biodiversity, from fish and coral to rays and turtles.

Now the public’s help is being sought to watch those turtles and monitor their activity:

Volunteers will be responsible for assisting in identifying turtle species and activities, conducting beach surveys and recording data. Tasks include walking the assigned beach one or two times a week, photographing or drawing signs of turtle activity, and writing up and uploading recorded data via smartphone app/email weekly.

The idea is to gain a better understanding of these turtles’ population changes, nesting habits and other key indicators of health. Science aside, it’s also a great way to spend a few days playing Jane Goodall in the Caribbean.

The job, such as it is, is open to both residents and vsitors alike:

To volunteer for turtle monitoring on St. John, contact McKinley at 693-8950 ext. 222 or via email at alan_mckinley@nps.gov. Indicate how many mornings per week you can commit, specific beach preference if any, and any related experience.

And if you need a ride to any beach, or just want to take a day off from all that hard work, you can always charter a boat with us and explore the deep ocean just like your subjects do.

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