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February is the love month and it is the time of the year when couples express themselves in various ways to depict their love. It’s typical for many people to plan exquisite destinations for a romantic getaway. One thing’s for sure — St. Thomas in the USVI will blow your mind away!

Picture this for a romantic trip — white sandy shores, snorkeling, tantalizing cuisine, and breathtaking sunsets. You’ll find that and much more at the entryway to the Caribbean, where adventure seamlessly meets love. Let’s explore what’s in store for you and your better half in St. Thomas this February.

Discover the Vibrant Charlotte Amalie

Serving as the main entry point into the Caribbean island, Charlotte Amalie gives you a first-hand tour of St. Thomas. All you have to do is take a stroll and discover local attractions. One place that stands out is the historical district. As you walk through the streets, you can marvel at the historical buildings that date back to the 17th century.

Are you an art connoisseur? Does your valentine love art? St. Thomas will impress. Gallery St. Thomas features breathtaking pieces of artwork. There are several galleries to explore, where you can find artifacts like oil paintings and ornaments. Don’t forget to visit the local artisans’ shops to purchase a souvenir.

A tour around Charlotte Amalie will be incomplete without the St John’s Bay Rum Factory on the itinerary. Contrary to its name, the factory isn’t a rum bar but produces various body products. Take a scented body product back with you and enjoy the nourishing effect of these plant oils.

Sample Food! Food! And More Food!

If you thought that food wasn’t romantic enough, St. Thomas might change your mind. The island boasts of a culinary reputation like no other in the Caribbean. Whether you want to sample a local dish or a continental menu, you’ll get it at one corner of the island.

But the food itself isn’t the only noteworthy thing. Tourists and locals can enjoy their meals at stunning beach-side restaurants or intimate dining spots in the downtown area. There’s something for everyone, from seafood to American-inspired meals to West Indies and Caribbean delicacies.

You’ll find multiple fine-dining establishments to sample. For instance, The Old Stone Farmhouse and Banana Tree Grille serve International cuisine. But if you’re looking to have a signature Caribbean meal, some spots to check out are Mafolie Restaurant and Gladys’ Café. For Island-style meals, you can discover Oceana. And for Cuban fusion, Havana Blue will be waiting for you. Remember to pass by Bluewater for some seafood to indulge in by the shores.

Go Snorkeling

It’s one thing to stroll the shores of St. Thomas, and there’s a whole other world under the water that you can’t afford to miss. The underwater life of St. Thomas is vast and one that most beaches can only envy. You can cruise through the beautiful blue waters and then go underwater for an even more magical experience. There are colorful fish, eels, shellfish, and spectacular displays of coral in various shades to expect. On a lucky day, you may spot giant turtles and stingrays right beneath you.

The good thing about snorkeling in St. Thomas is that you can indulge in the experience whether you’re a beginner or a master snorkeler. Besides, you’ll get every gear you need on-site to make the experience as exciting and memorable as can be.

Indulge in Parasailing

Imagine viewing the Caribbean and all its givings from miles away in the sky! A bird’s eye view of St. Thomas with your loved one can be memorable. Parasailing lets you see the Caribbean landscape from the skies in the peace and tranquility of the early morning or late evening sun as it rises or sets.

You can plan a sailing experience with your partner and enjoy a romantic escapade as you ascend to the sky above. There’s nothing more romantic than cozying up with your date as you float above the rest of the world!

Check out Coral World Ocean Park

There’s lots of adventure waiting for you at the island’s largest conservation ocean park. Coral World Ocean Park hosts stunning sea creatures like dolphins, sea lions, and pet iguanas. Find a way to slot in a couple’s swim with the friendly dolphins. But if you’re not keen on getting into the water, you could kayak close to the dolphins or take a romantic walk in the dolphin sea sanctuary trail.

Other activities include bird watching, parrot encounters, and scuba diving. You can also learn about the vast coral reefs and the majestic sharks.

Mountain Hiking

Couples that love outdoor adventures are in for a treat. Whether you love challenging hikes or prefer more gentle ones, St. Thomas has stunning walking and hiking trails for you. The Hike to Mermaid’s Chair and Magen’s Bay Beach Trail bring you face to face with the most spectacular views of the island’s turquoise blue waters and green land. These hiking trails also offer stunning backdrops for a photo-op to make some memories in pictures.

You can end your hike at the beach and share snacks while you watch the waves. Better yet, hop into a beach bar and party like a local.

Tour St. Peter’s Great House And Botanical Gardens

Sitting at a hilltop, St. Peter’s Great House and Botanical Gardens first existed as a plantation house in the 1800s. Its nature trails let you explore hundreds of Caribbean plant species. You also have various fishponds to see and discover. Later, go to the observation deck and spot other islands from afar.

After exploring the gardens, you’ll love the on-site restaurant overlooking the Caribbean ocean. The food at the Blue Orchid restaurant is to die for, and so is the romantic atmosphere.

Go Boat Riding on a Boat Charter

A chartered boat ride through St. Thomas is ideal for the most romantic landscape views. The boat rides can be pocket-friendly if you time them right, especially on weekdays. They will showcase breathtaking views of landscapes at a distance, and the charter could involve some thrilling water sport activities.

A romantic boat tour could be something as simple as toasting champagne while overlooking a beautiful Caribbean sunset. You can either opt for a full or half-day ride to soak up the sun and spend a quiet time in the waters.

Sonic Charters Awaits

Surprise your date with a romantic escape on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Thomas. After exploring the on-shore givings, don’t forget to venture deep into the waters. Sonic Charters can help you with your off-shore expedition by providing boat charters at friendly prices. St. Thomas awaits!

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