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Rental boats here in St. Thomas tend to run the gamut from cheap to expensive, and from spartan to spectacular. The question facing any would-be visitor to the area is: Which features and amenities are essential, and which are overkill?

Sonic Charters is constantly earning praise on social media and TripAdvisor because we have struck an optimal balance between price and luxury, giving patrons all the best stuff without overcharging for extra fluff.

Consider: our boats come stocked with freshwater showers, which is absolutely essential if you want to spend the day snorkeling without coming home smelling like a sea cucumber. We also offer generously padded seating throughout the boat, great sound systems for tunes, dive doors for excursions, and plenty of beverages to make the day a refreshing one.

Look closely at what you get with different St. Thomas charter boats, and you’ll soon discover that not every feature is worth a premium. Stick with Sonic for a perfect day on the water.

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