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Waterlemon Cay has long been a storied destination for winter weary travelers in search of postcard vistas here in the Virgin Islands. With its stunning sand, crystal waters and abundant aquatic life, Waterlemon has something for every man, woman and camera.

Don’t believe us? Check out the glowing testimonials on this TripAdvisor page. You may notice that many of these emphasize the difficulty in hiking down to the Cay, a problem which completely vanishes when you rent a boat on St. John and skim the waves to get there instead.

Our St. John boat rental packages take you everywhere you want to be, in style. With modern dive doors, freshwater showers, and all the creature comforts of a luxury charter cruise, you can’t go wrong in St. John or anywhere else.

Want to book a perfect day of snorkeling today? Check out our St. John boat rental page for all the details.

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