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There are two ways to get to every beach. There’s the overland way, which is generally clogged with people and congested with vehicles. And there’s the oversea way, which is generally wide open.

The advantages of visiting a beach by water are obvious, and now the powers that be have made your decision even easier. Trunk Bay, the immensely popular destination on the northwest edge of St. John, is gearing up to charge a heap of money for overand visits to its famous beaches:

According to the National Park Service, individual passes will increase from $4 to $5. Individual annual passes will double – from $10 per year to $20 – as will annual family passes which will increase from $15 per year to $30. Boaters will also see a rate increase when mooring for the night. The current overnight mooring fee is $15, however it will jump to $26 a night beginning January 1st.

But that’s only if you don’t have a boat. When you rent a boat in St. John through Sonic Charters, you can go anywhere the wind and the water takes you. Snorkeling, diving, swimming and sunning are all just a plunge away.

Want to visit Trunk Bay and the other beaches of St. John in style? Call Sonic today.

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