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Girls Only Getaway Trip in The USVI

You may have your clique of friends with whom you enjoy spending time at every stage of your life. However, as a modern-day woman, the time to hang out with your close companions can sometimes be elusive due to work or family-related circumstances.

This is why the idea of a girls’ getaway trip may be a great way to create some quality time to hang out with your posse. Whether you want to celebrate bonds formed through motherhood and parenting or commemorate a friend’s milestone birthday, the Labor day weekend offers a perfect time for a girl’s vacation. After all, it marks the unofficial end of the summer, and it may be the best time for a getaway before the holiday season rolls in.

That said, if you’re looking for an excellent girls’ trip destination, look no further than the US Virgin Islands. Comprising the islands of St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix, the Virgin Islands offer a wealth of attractions that you and your girlfriends can enjoy. Therefore, below are some of the reasons why you should plan a girls-only vacation in the Virgin Islands this Labor Day.

You Don’t Need a Passport

If you regularly travel by air, for business or personal reasons, you’re probably aware of how hectic getting cleared by customs officials at the airport can be. Fortunately, you don’t have to expect any of that with your girls’ trip to the Virgin Islands.

This is because, essentially, the islands are within the United States territorial borders, which means that any American can visit them without a passport. Even if you relocate there, you’ll remain a US citizen. What’s more convenient is the fact that the US currency is predominantly used throughout the islands and most locals speak English as their primary language.

Enjoy Duty-free Shopping

It would be a bummer if you and your friends planned a girl’s getaway trip that doesn’t involve a shopping expedition at your destination. The Virgin Islands offer a unique appeal to anyone who loves to shop, featuring some of the best duty-free and tax-free shopping centers.

Regardless of whether you’re a sucker for art, jewelry, or exquisite rum, you and your clique will enjoy scouting around for all the good deals. Additionally, as US citizens, you can leave the islands with almost double the amount of duty-free goods you may be allowed to in other destinations.

You can get unique deals on various high-end brands, ranging from clothing to watches. If you’re an avid perfume shopper, you’ll appreciate the exotic scents made on the surrounding islands. The rum sold in St. Croix is off the charts and the locals are renowned for their incredible pottery skills. In a nutshell, when it comes to shopping, the islands have something nice in store for everyone.

A Memorable Snorkelling Experience

As you pack for your girls’ trip to the Virgin Islands, remember to pack your mask and snorkel since the islands offer tons of unique deep-sea diving and snorkeling opportunities. Snorkeling can allow you and your friends to explore hidden caves and nooks, watch sea turtles and bright-colored fish up close, and admire the remarkable coral reefs. You can also snorkel through the mangrove forests, which are home to scores of colossal starfish.

Endless Summers

Flip Flops, bathing suits, sunshine, and blue skies are all you should expect during your girls’ vacation to the Caribbean paradise of the US Virgin Islands.

The summers here are considered to be endless because of the weather conditions predominantly experienced all year round. With an average thermal reading of 82 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and mid-70s at night, the Virgin Islands offer some of the most appealing weather conditions globally.

Surprisingly, even the water here maintains a comfortable temperature of between 79 and 84 degrees throughout the year. Additionally, day-long rains or showers are unheard of, but you may experience a few minutes of rain in the evening or early morning.

Breathtaking Beaches

The Virgin Islands remain an incredibly popular tourist destination globally due to their combination of pristine sandy beaches, gorgeous weather conditions, and clear blue waters. The island of St. Thomas offers busy beaches, which predominantly feature surfside bars and restaurants. On the other hand, the beaches on St. John island are often quiet and unfrequented. The ones on St. Croix island offer a chance to engage in fun activities such as kite surfing.


Research supports that going on a trip with your close friends can help improve your mental health and long-term satisfaction and happiness. So, don’t hesitate to plan your girls’ getaway trip to the Virgin Islands this Labor Day. While you’re here, contact Sonic Charters for boat rental solutions.

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