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The idea of ditching the guys and kids and island hopping with your girlfriends sans responsibility is every girl’s dream.

Let’s face it, you probably joke about taking a trip together every time you hang out with the girls. So why not now? Labor Day is the perfect time for a girls’ friendcation. Signaling the unofficial end of the summer, it’s a sort of last chance for vacation before the holidays ramp up. There’s no better time for an impulse trip. And a girls’ getaway is all about impulse decisions.

Find Your Travel Buddies

It’s pretty easy to know who your true friends are. But how do you determine what makes a good travel friend? For starters, you’ll need similar ideas on budget. If she has money to burn and wants to jet set everywhere, while you’re more budget-conscious, your getaway could take a bad turn. You’ll also need to agree on what constitutes the perfect vacation. For instance, if you’re more of a free spirit, but she can’t work outside a schedule, things aren’t going to go so well. Or maybe she’s a shopaholic, but you’re perfectly content to stay on the beach all day.

You don’t have to cancel the trip when differences arise, but figure these things out beforehand and determine workarounds. For instance, arrange separate transportation to avoid angering half the group with every outing. Or make sure the night owls share a room so they can sleep in, while the early birds are sipping coffee and suiting up for an early morning swim.

Planning the Perfect Trip

Keep resentment at bay by delegating tasks so everyone has a voice, and everyone exercises their strengths. Let the person who loves to organize get the confirmation emails, figure out everyone’s availability, and coordinate schedules. Have a foodie friend? Let her research the best local restaurants instead of trying to make decisions as a group when you’re soggy and tired after a full day. You’ll all be a lot happier.

And just for fun, here are some of our favorite picks for the perfect girls’ getaway activities:

Energetic Nightlife: Head to Frenchtown in St. Thomas for restaurants, bars, music, dancing, and more.  

Stay on the Beach All Day: Salt Pond Bay, St. John is the ideal place to hike, swim, picnic, snorkel, and dip in the stunningly clear water.

Shop ‘Till You Drop:  Head to Vendors Plaza at the edge of Downtown Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, to peruse various specialty shops, outdoor booth style. Enjoy a fantastic duty-free allowance of $1600 – that’s double the limit of nearby islands.

Get the Full Treatment: Head to A Touch of Wellness Massage & Health Center for pampering at its finest, with a whole range of massages from hot stone massage to reflexology.

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