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Let’s talk about how to have a great time on your St. John boat charter.

Our captains are know every bay, every corner, and every hidden gem to be discovered in St. John, and a few of them are even willing to bring guests to the best spots. Here are a few highlights:

Waterlemon Cay

Alone among all the inlets in the Caribbean, Waterlemon Cay seems to combine singular snorkeling vistas with protected views. The result is a snorkeling experience that draws gawkers from around the globe – many of whom sadly still hike to get there. We have a faster way: book a charter on St. John, and we can wing you there as the boat flies.

Solomon Bay

The beach is just the beginning. Lots of visitors flock to the sands because of the serene beauty of this area, but you simply have to wade into the water a bit and grab your mask for the full experience. There aren’t many public beaches in the Caribbean this quiet, and there aren’t many snorkeling opportunities with so few crowds.

Trunk Bay

There’s beauty, and then there is Trunk Bay. With endless vegetation, including coconuts and mahos, and gentling curving shorelines that cradle every visitor, this is a spot that seems lost in a postcard. Check out the famous underwater snorkeling trail for a submarine view, and don’t forget to count all the fish.

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