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Social Media and Vacation

Of course, while visiting our beautiful travel destinations, you will want to capture some footage of the vacation trip. Everyone loves posting their pictures of all the fun they had on social media, but there is a certain way to do it.

If you want to remain safe on social media while posting about your vacation, there are a few things you will want to do.

Do Not Post Your Travel Documents

First of all, you will never want to post your travel documents. Even if you have your social media profiles set to “Private,”- you never know who will save a screenshot of your personal information. 

Your travel documents include your passport, ID, and boarding pass. They usually have a lot of personal information, such as where you will be staying or where you live, printed on them. You do not want that to be leaked to someone with bad intentions.

Plus, when the islands’ beauty surrounds you, there are better pictures to post than ones of your travel documents. Photos of the beach at sunset, your most recent meal, and shots of unique experiences you have are much more impressive to your friends and family than a passport.

Try to Wait

It is better that you wait until you get home to post all of your photos and videos. Doing so ensures that you keep yourself safe online, as your followers will not know where you are.

If you do plan on posting images, wait until you return home to add the location tags. That way, your current location is still unknown to strangers online.

Check Your Social Media Settings

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When was the last time you checked your settings on your social media profiles? Was it back when you first opened the account? You will want to take a look before you head out on your next trip.

In your settings, you will want to ensure that the location services are turned off. That way, no one online will be able to tell where you are. From there, you will want to make sure that your profile is “Private” and not “Public.

Public profiles can be viewed by anyone- not just your friends and family. If you want to keep safe on social media while traveling, strangers mustn’t know how to locate you. Simply making the change to more private settings can make you more secure while traveling.

The Less Detail, The Better

You will want to keep most of your travel plans off social media as well. No one but you needs to know your exact travel dates and flight plans. 

What happens if someone realizes you are not going to be home and decides to break in? No one would be there to stop them, allowing the burglar to take their time- since they would know the exact day you were expected to come back.

In short, you do not want to give out information about your trip online. It helps if you can wait to make posts about your trip when you have returned. If you do not want to wait, at least avoid putting all of the small details, like when you are leaving and returning, on your page.

That being said, you will also want to avoid “Checking In” on certain social media accounts. It can also let everyone know that you are on vacation and not at home- especially if you check in miles away from your house. Your followers will be excited to hear about your trip, but they do not need to know everything about it.

Try a Post Scheduling Tool

If you want to make posts while the experience is happening, we recommend that you use a post scheduling tool. That way, you can create the post now, but it will not go up on your account until you have returned. 

There are many different tools out there for different social media platforms. You may need to explore a bit on the play store and find an app that suits all of your needs.

Take a Break

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Today, we all are guilty of being glued to our phones sometimes. However, when you are on vacation, you will want to avoid doing that. You could be missing out on great opportunities and experiences if you are distracted.

Plus, social media kind of takes away from our ability to live in the moment. Suppose you want to make amazing memories while exploring and relaxing with your loved ones. In that case, it is much easier to do if you take a short break from the internet.

This article was originally posted at Sonic Charters.

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