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Those of you stuck in the frigid, snowbound Northeast know that the situation has recently moved from record-breaking to biblical. What began with just a few mild feet of snow has now graduated into a full-on whiteout which threatens to consume entire cities whole.

We do our best to sympathize in moments like these, mostly because gloating is considered poor form. But it behooves us to point out that St. Thomas has, per usual, seen exactly zero inches of snowfall this winter, with an upcoming forecast of zero more.

Maybe it’s time for a visit.

Our St. Thomas boat rentals let you experience a different kind of outdoor adventure. Spend a day on the glittering waters of the U.S. Virgin Islands and you can enjoy everything from snorkeling to swimming to fine dining. Our boat charters offer the perfect antidote to many months spent encased in snow.

Ready to book your own dream vacation to the Caribbean? Learn more about our beloved St. Thomas boat rentals right here.

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