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US Virgin Island a very special place!

Perhaps you have already visited the US Virgin Islands, and you know that it is a special place. You love our amazing beaches, crystal-clear water, and unhurried lifestyle. You are ready to make the USVI your home, or at least your home when your current house is buried under a foot of snow.

You aren’t the only one with this idea. In fact, we often hear our guests say that they wish they could stay on the islands forever. 

So, what are you waiting for? Zillow has plenty of homes listed in the USVI at a variety of price points. There are places available in every region, from Cruz Bay to Magens Bay

You can also check out VRBO for rental properties so that you can live on the USVI over the winter. You will find photos of the features as well as reviews from previous occupants. You can rent a single room or a large estate. Just know that if you choose a place with extra bedrooms, you will receive visitors from back home.

The beauty of living in the USVI is that it will allow you to really explore the islands. And with the help of Sonic Charters, you will explore the waters surrounding the islands as well. Let us help you find your favorite spot for diving and snorkeling. 

Discover what it’s like to live in an island paradise. Contact Sonic Charters so you can begin your in-depth exploration of the waters surrounding the USVI.

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