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Unique and Modest restaurant in St. Thomas

St. Thomas is arguably one of the most popular tourist destinations around the US Virgin Islands, boasting one of the highly treasured cruise ship ports throughout the West Indies. During the peak tourist season, three or four cruise ships dock on the port daily, unloading masses of visitors who come to enjoy the island’s restaurants, beaches, shopping districts, and sightseeing splendors.

Over the years, the island has garnered a reputation as a must-visit destination for Caribbean food enthusiasts. It has many restaurants, ranging from small food stands and cafes to fine dining establishments that offer various culinary treats.

During your visit, you can find exquisite pizza joints, seafood eateries, beach bars, and fine dining options. Most of these establishments are located in or around the central business district of Charlotte Amalie, a suburb of the port town Red Hook. However, here’s a deeper look into some of the most affordable bars and restaurants in St. Thomas.

Beuchert’s Beer Garden

If you’re looking for a unique and modest restaurant that features a great deal of Caribbean charm, you should probably stop by Beuchert’s Beer Garden the next time you’re vacationing in St. Thomas.

It’s located on 17 Main Street, across from Palm Passage, and right next to Hot Look in Charlotte Amalie. The restaurant features a full bar, and you can select your favorite drink from well over 50 brands of beer. Beuchert’s Beer Garden is considered one of the best places to find one if you’re craving a Bushwacker drink. What’s more, you may be interested to learn that it boasts having the best Margarita in the world. Below’s a breakdown of the restaurant’s food prices.

  • $8 salmon bites
  • $6 empanadas
  • Beers start at two for $5

Sabroso Restaurant

You should probably head to Sabroso if you’re looking for outstanding and affordable local cuisines. While there, you should try out the pot fish dish, which is made from locally caught fish. You may also want to try their signature blackened salmon that’s made it to be popular around St. Thomas.

The restaurant allows tourists to choose between an indoor or outdoor dining setting, with the latter providing a breathtaking view of the water. A full bar is also available, so feel free to order your favorite cocktail while on location. Sabroso’s located at 3077 Kronprindsens Gade, St. Thomas. However, be advised that the restaurant may be closed on Sundays and Mondays. The food prices may be as follows;

  • $6 fish tacos
  • $10 penne alfredo
  • $7 cocktails

The Dog House Pub

If you crave comfort foods such as burgers or burritos during your St. Thomas excursion, you can be sure to find a nice meal at The Dog House Pub. You can also sit at any one of the five tables available in this hole-in-the-wall restaurant for inexpensive drinks, with plenty of liquor options to choose from.

The restaurant features a sizable patio and has tropical background music, creating an enjoyable ambiance as you take your meal under the beautiful Caribbean sunset. It’s located in Havensight, St. Thomas, behind the Harley Davidson shop. Here’s a look at its food pricing.

  • $8 burrito
  • $5 nachos
  • $5 burger

Cravin’ Crabs

You should check out Cravin’ Crabs if you’re in the mood for some fresh Caribbean seafood that’s been flavored flawlessly. The restaurant gifts you a chance to relish a wide range of Caribbean foods, including plantains, seafood stew, and oxtails. If you’re traveling with a group, you can order the assorted seafood combo so you can taste a bit of each dish available. Cravin’ Crabs is located on Frenchman Bay Road, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. Their typical food prices are as follows;

  • $20 half lobster, available on the lunch menu
  • $16 ribs
  • $14 jerk chicken

Tap & Still

If you’re looking for a place where you can find locally manufactured beers, burgers, or chicken wings, Tap & Still is your best option. It offers an excellent place for you and your entourage to relax during the night while enjoying some burgers.

You can also grab breakfast at the location if you crave a fried egg breakfast burger, an egg wrap, or a pancake. Additionally, the restaurant has free WiFi, which you can use if you need to. Located in Havensight, St. Thomas, its pricing is as described below;

  • $10 double quarter pounder cheeseburger loaded with toppings
  • $9 Korean-style wings
  • $8 funnel cake, available on the dessert menu

To Wrap It UP

The island of St Thomas is awash with restaurants that offer wide-ranging types of local and comfort foods. With new ones also coming up regularly, sampling each one can be a tedious task regardless of your appetite for adventure. Therefore, you can rely on this list whenever you’re looking for affordable bars and restaurants in St. Thomas.

Past that, irrespective of whether you’re a first-time or regular visitor, you can count on Sonic Charters for boat rental solutions if you need help moving around the island.

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