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It happened. A long-lamented law has finally been rolled back, making room for St. John boat rental outfits to accept even more guests on their luxury charter yachts.

The existing law which mandated a maximum of six guests per boat was a holdover from another era, borne of safety concerns which newer vessels have rendered obsolete. This means you and your coworkers, friends, or family can now book St. John boat rentals for bigger parties. We can show you how.

U.S. Virgin Islands’ Governor John de Jongh said it best when he announced, “The restriction to six passengers has been a long-outstanding issue that has put us at a competitive disadvantage to the rest of the region and especially with a niche that we know is attracted to our natural resources and all that we have to offer.”

Our boat charters in St. John regularly earn top marks on TripAdvisor and other review sites. This is no accident: we take great pride in a fleet of boats that include dive doors, generous upholstery, freshwater showers, state of the art audio systems and more. And, of course, our captains are the very best traveling companions in the hemisphere.

To learn more about larger boat rentals today, contact us here.

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