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Living on an island that’s thirty square miles severely inhibits the activities you can partake in and locations that you can visit. When a new spot opens it instantly becomes a hot spot. Which is why the B-Line Bar has become the new boating attraction for us local St. Thomians. Located on Little Jost Van Dyke, it’s a short trip from other attractions such as Sandy Spit and is only about ten minutes East of White Bay. The place is simple, yet awesome. There’s an easy access dock for both captains and patrons. You walk up to their bar, start a tab in their book by writing down what you ordered yourself (honors system!), and drink away. What really makes the bar, however, is the fun and games that they provide; corn hole, backgammon, shut the box, mini corn hole (awesome!!), and checkers. B-Line has all of this, while still maintaining that quiet local feel. It will never be as crowded as White Bay gets, but that’s what gives it that Caribbean feel! The drinks are unique and creative, the bar is simple, the people are local, but holy crap, the view from that beach is incomprehensible. There’s so much to take in, you don’t know what to focus on. If you want a real feel for the quiet Caribbean lifestyle, then this needs to be your destination.

I still have a hard time really comprehending what makes these boat days so much fun. My parents just finished their visit from New York after being here for a week. I took the folks on the “Whalen Whirlwind Tour 2014 Spring Break with Parents” where we did everything from Taco Tuesday at the house, to traveling to St. Croix for their St. Patrick’s Day celebration (which happens to be one of the island’s biggest parties of the year). And you know what day was their favorite day of the trip? When we went out boating…on a Thursday! This wasn’t a Saturday with all of my friends when all of St. Thomas is out partying and boating. This was a Thursday where my parents decided to book Sonic Charters and I decided to invite friends who were not working on a random Thursday. We had the boat for the day, so why not try to fill the spots allotted on our chartered boat? Sounds easier than it looks, people have real jobs out here. My parents have chartered a boat the British Virgin Islands before, four times to be exact. Every time it’s their favorite day of the trip here to the Virgin Islands. Hands down. Aside from the fact that my mother couldn’t get over how handsome ‘Super Model Tony’ was captaining us around all day, she just loves being on the water and island hopping. They loved B-line Bar and playing corn hole. My Dad loved going back to Gertrude’s to buy a Cuban cigar, and my Mom loves her new pink Soggy Dollar hat that she bought. Boating has it all. Boating is suitable for parents; I put the official stamp on it. It’s the glitz, the glamour, and the fun! What’s amazing is that it’s suitable for my almost sixty year old parents, while still being suitable for the nineteen year old spring breaker, and somehow for us experienced St. Thomian boaters. Hell, we do it EVERY weekend, so it must be a blast! I will forever live near the water, well, at least if there’s a Sonic Charters nearby.

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