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St. Thomas Boat Rental Company Checklist

One of the top reasons people come to the Virgin Islands is to enjoy our sparkling turquoise waters. And we agree – getting out on the water is the best way to spend time here. So choosing a great Virgin Islands boat rental can play a huge part in your trip’s success.

But It can be tough to know what you’re actually getting while scouting out companies on the mainland, being so far removed from the situation. Especially if it’s your first time in the Virgin Islands.

After all, you don’t want to arrive in the Virgin Islands, ready to explore, only to discover the St. Thomas boat rental you lined up is less appealing than it looked in the photos.

So how do you know who’s got the quality they claim? Here’s a tried-and-true checklist of things to look for in a St. Thomas boat rental.

Finding the Best Boat Captains

When you’re chartering a boat, you want a local captain who can act as a tour guide to the best hotspots. Not a mainland businessman. Because let’s be real: the reason you charter a boat is to explore unknown coves, to escape crowds, and to create your own island experience for your group. So look for a boat captain who knows their stuff. An experienced, safe, Virgin Islands born-and-bred captain who is familiar with all the best places.

A Company Who Sticks Around

Find someone who has been around for years, through thick and thin. Here are some things to look for to establish a company’s tenure:
-How long have they been posting on social media?
-How far back does their blog roll go? (Keep scrolling past page #2).
-Look for a St. Thomas boat rental who is popular with their guests. What do others have to say about them, both from years back and currently?
-How friendly and professional are they when interacting with you for booking? Read the reviews to gauge how past guests rate them.

Luxury, Comfort, and Plenty of Ways to Have Fun

Maybe you’re envisioning gliding along smooth waters, drink in hand, to your favorite tunes. Or snorkeling safely with the kids. Or getting assistance for relaxing in quieter locales with older group members.

To find the best match for everyone in your party, ask about planning your own adventure catered to your age ranges and needs. Inquire about amenities to complete your perfect VI trip. Amenities like warm freshwater showers for washing off sand and salt at the end of a long day in the sun. Or great guest services, like providing ice and water. Or options to scale it up, like providing an open bar and snacks.

Ask what the company does for snorkeling outings. Snorkeling is huge in the Virgin Islands, so look for features to make your trip more comfortable, like dive doors, comfortable seating, and areas for dry storage.

And be sure to ask what your St. Thomas boat rental can do to make your day special and unique. Like chocolates and champagne. Or a trip out to a remote islet in the British Islands.


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