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Checklist for Last Minute Travel

In their haste to hit the sand, travelers often forget some pretty important tasks that can turn a trip sour in an instant.

And since we want you to enjoy your stay in the Caribbean without wondering whether you turned off the oven, here’s your last-minute checklist letting you head out the door care-free.

Protect Your Home While You’re Away

Ask a neighbor to pick up your mail and grab any packages, menus, or door hangers that arrive while you’re traveling. Prowlers look for such telltale signs you’re not around.

As an added precaution, ask a friend who passes your neighborhood to drive by your house on the way home from work. Be sure to tell both individuals checking on your house about each other.

If your car is parked outside in your driveway, lock it and remove valuables from sight. And if you’ll be gone for more than a week? Have the yard mowed (or snow shoveled in winter) and your trash is taken to and from the road.

Last-Minute Safety

Look into getting motion detector cameras or lights installed around your home. And don’t leave the extra key for the neighbor under the mat. It’s the first place crooks look.

Don’t broadcast your whereabouts on social media. Take care not to photograph and post your travel itinerary, passport, travel dates, or check-in info. No matter how private your Facebook settings are, always assume someone you don’t know will see what you post.

Fill Prescriptions and Pick Them Up

If you’ll be running out of a medication while on vacation, ask for a vacation refill or vacation override. Your pharmacy and insurance company may or may not allow it, but it never hurts to ask!

Read Any Good Books? Pick up Beach Reading Early

Research great beach reading and pick up your finds from your local library or bookstore. Otherwise, you’ll pay a premium for waiting until the last minute to buy magazines and books at the airport.

Get Photo Ready

Clear your digital camera card, charge your batteries, and pack battery chargers and memory card readers. Look into buying a waterproof case for capturing underwater finds, like that moment the sea turtle swims right next to you.

Know Your Phone Plan

Traveling out of the country? Check with your cell phone carrier to see whether it costs extra to talk, text, and use your data while there.

Returning Home Preparedness

Make sure your laundry is done, with fresh towels and sheets ready to go for when you return home. Have coffee and non-perishable breakfast on stand-by for your first day back. Lay out your work clothes. It’s not something you want to think of now, but you’ll be happy for a hassle-free morning when you return.


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