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Where To Get The An Iconic Drinks Of The USVI

Island life is unique, there isn’t anything else quite like it. With the travel restrictions that the pandemic had put in place for so long just now beginning to ease in many areas, it is now possible to once again travel to some of the most beautiful and idyllic island surroundings that the Caribbean territories have to offer, including the US Virgin Islands

You’re getting ready to head to where life is sunny all year round, or maybe you’ve already arrived, and you are looking to have a few drinks that really set the mood. Not just any drinks you can get at the nearest Parrothead bar, though, you want local favorites that embody the feeling and spirit of the islands. Here are some of the most iconic drinks in the USVI, and where you can get them. 

Iconic drinks in the USVI

St. John, USVI – High Tide

Cruzan Confusion

This is a cocktail that is dangerously honest with what’s about to happen. Not only are you going to get a tropical delight that has Cruzan banana, coconut, AND mango rum, with orange juice and pineapple juice to fill out your glass, but you’re going to empty that glass (maybe a few times) and then the confusion hits. Make sure you have a trustworthy wingman if you have too many of these because you won’t know whether you’re coming or going.

St. John, USVI – Beach Bar

Pirate Punch

Similar to the island favorite Rum Punch, Pirate Punch is a punch but it is a lot more rowdy than one single rum can cause. Pirate Punch features what the bar describes as a “rainbow” of flavored rums, along with pineapple and orange juice to give it some sweetness and actual hydration. One too many of these bad boys will have you raising the black flag and keelhauling anyone in your way. Follow the rainbow of rum in this drink too far and it won’t be a treasure you’ll find, be careful matey!


This is an adult milkshake that is the perfect drink to ease you into a night of island refreshment. This is an island staple that isn’t too stiff, but it isn’t a waste of time either, that’s for sure. The Bushwacker is a delicious frozen cocktail that takes chocolate and goes a step further.  Every bar will have its own specific blend or recipe that they use to make the house Bushwacker, but most recipes will have the same ingredients. 

Ice, dark spiced rum, coffee liqueur, dark creme de cacao liqueur, cream of coconut, and milk. The ingredients are blended into a thick froth. The sweetness of the creme de cacao and the cream of coconut gives the perfect chocolate cream base to this icy treat. Add in the rum and the coffee liqueur to give it a depth and boldness that you won’t find in your typical cocktails.

Beach Bar Painkiller

This is another signature Beach Bar drink, which is a local favorite version of the Virgin Islands classic. Dark rum, pineapple, and coconut are simple but effective ingredients in this aptly-named cocktail. You only need one or two and you have a firm numbness that starts to set in, allowing you to forget the day’s activity, and focus on the simple island tastes that comprise the Painkiller.

Sex On The Beach Bar

No visit to the beach would be complete without it, really. A refreshing break from the island staples of citrus, pineapple, and mango, the Sex On The Beach Bar is the local take on the classic, with top-shelf vodka, a sugary peach schnapps, cranberry, and a bit of orange juice. The sweet and tart balance in this masterpiece will ensure you’re hydrated and socially lubricated enough to tackle anything life can throw at you. A few of these will really get your night moving in the right direction, however, a few too many can make those moves stumble.

St. Thomas, USVI – Rum Shandy

Rum Punch

A Rum Punch is one of the drinks that people who live in the Virgin Islands consider to be one of the island chain’s trademarks. Getting one at a small cabana bar right on the water is the perfect way to start, continue, or end a perfect island night. Most bars will have their own version, but the common recipes include dark rum, as well as lime, pineapple, and orange juice, with a little dash of grenadine for that sunset coloring.

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