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Have you ever been off on a beautiful vacation – and yet you’re not there? Perhaps you’re dwelling on work piling up, what a friend said, or your kids’ grades, oblivious to the gorgeous scenes right in front of you.

The research backs the importance of being present in the moment, especially on vacation. One study found that those who make a plan to relax more during their vacation earn a lot more post-trip happiness. Practicing mindfulness just makes your vacation that much sweeter. Plan to savor your next vacation and enjoy each calming scene with these simple tips.

Start in the airport

Flight anxiety? Dreading the layover? Many times travel is fraught with stressors that cut well into the vacation itself. (How many times have you found yourself still reeling from an unpleasant flight or lost luggage experience, hours after the fact?) Make a plan to be easygoing and accept eventualities you can’t control. Determine to stay away as much as possible from worrying over schedules changes, delays, and unpleasant customer service encounters. Before you ever leave your house, download music, podcasts for flight anxiety, and mindfulness apps to help restore your calm when it’s challenged.

Do a body scan

If you find yourself at the ocean’s edge warring over a distracted mind, stop what you’re doing and perform a body scan. Right there on the beach. It’s simple: Close your yes. Move your attention over each part of your body, starting with your head. Is your jaw clenched? Brow furrowed? Progress to your neck and shoulders, and keep going. As you go, pay attention and notice if there’s any tightness or discomfort anywhere. Focus your breath into any area that feels uncomfortable.

Go minimal

Pack less. Less luggage means less baggage fees, less lugging heavy loads through airports, and less work when you arrive. Make fewer plans and leave room in your schedule for change. Keep an open mind and practice going with the flow to see where you wind up.

Unplug from social media

Stop chasing the perfect picture for Instagram. Instead, keep a travel journal (a paper one), just for you. Record everything you experience with your five senses – from the colors of the tropical flowers to the feel of the soft sand beneath your feet. Dine at local restaurants and notice the various flavors and tastes and how they’re different from back home. Make note of your thoughts, feelings, and sensation as you take in each new event.

Take a mindful minute

A mindful minute is the number of full, deep breaths you can take in a one-minute period. Have this number ready before you leave for vacation. For instance, if your number is five, then take five deep breaths the next time you feel anxious and get back in the moment.

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