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Our St. John boat rental business includes plenty of package deals for guests who want to see everything in a day. This means crafting an itinerary that includes every major bay and beach, but it also means leaving time to enjoy the many sights at length.

How should you plan a day in and around St. John? This list offers a nice jumping-off point, including a number of top destinations to help you home in on the places you’d most love to see. Plus it’s filled with bright ideas such as this:

Hawksnest Beach: Some of the best views on the island are under water, so strap on the fins, snorkel and goggles and check out what lies beneath. Scores of silversides — tiny silver fish — move in clouds around every beach, effortlessly moving together to avoid all types of swimmers. Various tropical sights, such as parrotfish, goatfish, hawksbill turtles and corals, are a short swim away at Hawksnest. Many will suggest you try Trunk Bay as a first-timer, but it’s easily the busiest beach on the island, which can detract from some of the pristine beauty so easily available everywhere else.

The best and fastest way to get to any beach, cay or inlet on the planet is by boat. Rent a charter in St. John with us and we can motor you there in style, ply you with drinks along the way, and give everyone a snorkeling day to remember forever.

Want to book your perfect day in St. John? Contact the boat rental experts today.

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