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Sick of the traditional holiday runaround?

Tis the season for long lines at the mall and family feuds. Why not swap it up for some warm sun, soft sand, and blue ocean waves?

Celebrating the holidays in the Caribbean is a beautiful alternative to cold air and gray skies. And despite what your grandmother would say, it’s actually pretty common to opt to head somewhere warm for the holidays. The Caribbean gets pretty busy this time of year as people flock to escape the drab and dreary.

So this winter, stick the scarf, gloves, and snow boots in the closet, pack your swimsuit, and head down to the Virgin Islands for the best gift you can give yourself – an unforgettable vacation. Here are some tips and tricks for planning a non-traditional holiday that’s jam-packed with magical new experiences.


1. Plan a Traditional Activity

There’s no need to completely abandon all things festive. Instead, plan an activity you’d traditionally do back home, whether it’s carols, eggnog, or a gift swap. It’ll spread good cheer and keep the nostalgia at bay. Because no matter how much fun you’re having in the sun, you’ll probably feel a bit sentimental at some point.

2. Throwback to Convention

Devise some activities with a fun twist of the norm. Instead of a Christmas tree, decorate a palm tree with lights. Or bake wintry sugar cookies to serve with frozen daiquiris. Build a snowman in the sand, or assemble a gingerbread house on the balcony at night while you listen to the waves.


3. Plan Something Overtly Non-Traditional

Try your hand at flyboarding or mermaid lessons. Take a boat to the British Virgin Islands and visit Mahoe Bay, Virgin Gorda at Christmastime. They usually feature lively Christmas entertainment and a Santa Claus sighting.


4.  White Sand Christmas

Inscribe a message in the sand against a backdrop of Caribbean blue glittering water and snap a photo that can be shared to social media or converted into a postcard.


5.  Bond with Your Loved Ones

This season is all about time with family and friends. So bring your friends and family with you and bond over fun activities in the sun. Rent jet skis or paddleboards, learn to snorkel, comb nature-filled St. John, explore open-air beach bars, and try the local Caribbean fare.


6. Get in Some Face Time

Spend time with your extended family back home on Christmas day with a video chat. It may not be the same as face-to-face time, but it’ll certainly help to enrich the day. And before you leave, send a Christmas card or order flowers that’ll show up while you’re away on vacation. It’ll show your loved ones you care and spread some good cheer.


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