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Pack Lightly For Your Next Trip

Do you have trouble packing for your planned vacation? Throwing a ton of clothes into your luggage is not ideal, as you probably don’t want to carry a heavy bag around. Plus, if you need to get on a plane, your bags will need to be under a weight limit.

However, you still will want to ensure that you have everything with you that you will need. Packing light does not mean you need to achieve complete minimalism, but you still want to plan and think about what you are bringing.

Here is how you can pack light for your next trip with Sonic Charters!

Only Bring Clothes You Are Sure You’ll Wear

Often, we tend to pack way too many clothes into a bag. If it is not something you usually wear, you will not be likely to wear it on vacation either. On the other hand, just because you want to pack light does not mean you need to sacrifice your style.

You do not want to bring more outfits than days you will be there- if you are not changing your clothes often at home, you will probably not be changing as much on vacation. Still, you must bring a swimsuit, if you plan on visiting the beach.

Another factor to consider would be the material of the clothes. Thinner fabrics, such as silk, polyester, and nylon, are very light. They can fold down into petite sizes as well. While cotton tends to be a bit heavier, it is still very light when compared to other options. It is warm here year-round- so thin clothing materials are a great choice.

If you doubt you will wear a clothing piece, it is best to leave it at home. Once you are here and enjoying the sunshine, you will not miss it.

Planning Outfits

The clothes you bring should also be able to mix and match with one another. A pair of jean shorts is a great idea, as they tend to go with any outfit. Light, neutral colors work great for shirts.

It also helps if you lay out all of your clothes before you pack them. That way, you can imagine what outfits you can create while on vacation. If you stuff everything into your bag right away, it makes it more challenging to plan what you want to wear- which could lead to you overpacking.

Try a Smaller Suitcase

Depending on how long your trip is going to be, you can try using a smaller suitcase than you normally would. Downsizing even a little bit is a great way to prevent yourself from bringing too much stuff with you.

If you often bring clothes and accessories that never make it out of your bag, you may be prone to overpacking. Using a smaller luggage set means that you will need to put more thought into what you take, helping you pack only what you need.

Toiletries To Bring During Vacation

Again, when it comes to toiletries, you will want to bring items that are part of your daily routine. If you do not use an item often, you will probably not use it much while out of the house.

First, start by hitting all of the basics:

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Shampoo and conditioner

Brush or comb

Face cleanser



From there, you can get more specific. If you use a certain moisturizer, lotion, or hair styling products often, it would be worth bringing them. However, you probably do not want to bring large bottles of product with you.

Instead, you can use travel size bottles. They usually can fit enough product for a few days. That way, you only have to take what you need with you. There are also travel-sized toothpaste and soaps you can purchase for little cost.

Don’t forget any medicine or hygiene products you use every day! Make sure to do a final sweep of the bathroom at home before you leave.

Know What You Need on Your Vacation

You will want to find out if your specific hotel offers towels for the beach. Some will allow you to use theirs and take them with you to the water. Other hotels do not- so it is important you find out. 

Towels can be heavy and take up a good bit of space in your luggage. If you do not have to bring one with you- don’t! You will be saving a lot of space that you can use for other items you want to take you with a lot more.

Hotel rooms often also come equipped with hairdryers and other bathroom items, allowing you to leave more at home.

To summarize, people tend to overpack when they go on vacation. But, if you do not want to worry about keeping track of all your stuff, it is best to pack lightly. You can do this by following our guide! If you want to learn more, we have plenty more articles on our blog for you to read.

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