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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to find yourself this year, travel may be just what the doctor ordered.

Spending time with yourself gives an opportunity to evaluate where you are and set goals for where you’re going. Uncover a new you (or just the true you) with an exciting new travel adventure. Find somewhere that exhibits each of these travel characteristics to maximize your experience:



We weren’t designed to work non-stop. Building up stress long-term can tax you mentally and physically, and can lead to a whole slew of health problems, from digestive issues to depression and anxiety.


Try it: Head over to beautiful, green St. John for healing yoga with Do Yoga St. John VI. Check here for class times and locations.



Something freeing happens when you surrender yourself to the idea of just having fun. Ditch the agenda and live it up with a travel activity that just makes you feel good.


Try it: Try the Tropical Treasure Hunt in St. Thomas. It’s an adventure that takes you through the Virgin Islands as you follow clues. Great for groups, you simply follow the map to find your treasure!


New and Creative

When you’re stuck on autopilot day after day, you lose your ability to live in the present. Trying something new makes you brighter, stronger, and more resilient to face those daunting office tasks. Challenge yourself to take on a new perspective and stretch your creativity muscle for lasting benefits, even after you return home.


Try it: Express your inner creativity by exploring the various artists at Tillett Garden. Shop jewelry and paintings at Mystic Valley VI, go to a wine tasting event at Pickstarckle Theater, or buy a unique shell candle from Caribbean Herbals.



Tired of living with fear?  The best way to confront fears and find yourself is by taking one small step at a time. Be adventuresome and try something that takes your breath away.


Try it: Go parasailing at Parasail Virgin Islands and soar above the islands from Sapphire Beach. Afterwards, grab a refreshing cocktail at the Sapphire Beach Bar.



Staying active improves your mood and mental vitality, and can even lengthen your life. Want an interesting and unique way to release stress and pain? Experience inversions with aerial yoga.


Try it at the Coastal Retreat aerial yoga studio. Located in the St. John Marketplace, you can take your pick of any number of exciting and rejuvenating classes, from forrest yoga to candlelight yin yoga, to barre.









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