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Where To Go on US Virgin Island

You have booked your flight to St. Thomas, and you are counting down the days until your trip.

We know that most of the people living in the U.S. right now are suffering through a long winter. You probably can’t wait to get off the plane to see a colorful landscape again.

As you count down the days until your arrival, you may be looking at online guides to USVI beaches, much like this one.

These guides are great! They give our guests a lot of useful information to help them choose where they want to spend their time once they arrive on the islands. They show pictures of the area and offer advice from previous travelers.

But please allow us to offer you another great source of information — us!

Whether you want to stay out on the water all day or see the famous Lindquist Beach, we will help you choose the best places to spend your time while on the island.

We will tell you areas that are perfect for swimming as well as the best snorkeling locations. We will tell you where you can see sands that have a faint touch of pink, and where you can get the best “Painkiller,” which is one of the island’s signature drinks.

If you like doing vacation destination research before you travel, knock yourself out. But if research is not your thing, you can hop on the plane, and the Sonic Charter staff will help you decide the best places to visit.

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