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Save Up Money For A Relaxing Vacation

Are you trying to save up money for a relaxing vacation? If you are struggling to set aside savings for your vacation funds- do not worry! We have you covered in this blog post.

Everyone deserves a vacation. They are an excellent way to relax, reconnect, and make memorable experiences with your friends and family. However, it can be difficult to enjoy yourself when you are worried about money.

These are all of the best ways that you can build a vacation fund for your next trip. You will want to start saving way in advance, so you can be confident you have enough funds to enjoy yourself. If you can pay for most or all of your trip before you arrive, you will have no worries bringing down the experience for you.

Let’s get started!

Open a New Savings Account For Vacation Funds

Your first step should be to open a savings account that is dedicated to holding your funds for the vacation. When you have a separate account, it is much easier to leave the money alone- meaning that it can build up much faster.

Another good idea is to set up automatic transfers with this new account. By doing so, you will ensure that money is always going into the account. You might want to have it make a smaller deposit every week or a larger one every other week, depending on your finances.

As you put money in, make sure that you do not transfer it back out.

Try a Financial App For Your Vacation Funds

Apps are another way to save money. Many online tools can help you set and stick to budgets- allowing you to save money faster. That way, you can stick to your financial goals and make your vacation a blast!

Qapital is one of the leading money-saving apps out there right now. It helps you make adjustments to your spending and spend more wisely. The app connects to your checking account and checks that you are sticking to your budget.

You set goals in the app and can even apply rules for yourself that set aside money for the goals. If you use this app to save for your vacation, you could easily make one of your set goals visiting the Virgin Islands.

Overall, we think that having an app will help you stay on target, so you can get your trip planned at the time you want to go the most.

How to Figure Out Vacation Funds Goal

Now that you have your savings account set up, you probably want to know how you can figure out your savings goal. Well, we have you covered!

By setting a goal, you will know your financial limitations and budget before you leave for the vacation. That way, you do not spend more than you can afford by accident.

You will want to look up all of the costs that come with air travel, transportation, lodging, food, and activities. Total all of those costs, and you should have a rough guess of how much the vacation is going to cost. We do recommend that you set aside a little more than that, however.

You did not recognize some expenses beforehand, and it is better to bring too much than bring too little.

Now that you have your estimate take that and divide the vacation cost by how many months you will be saving for the vacation. Doing so will let you know how much you need to deposit into your savings account every month.

So, imagine that your estimate says the vacation is going to be $1,800. You have six months to save up that much money. You will then want to divide $1,800 by 6 to get the amount you wish to have automatically deposited in your savings account every month.

Did you get $300? That is how much you will want to set aside every month in order to fund your vacation. Of course, the earlier you can start, the less challenging it will be to save up the needed amount of money.

Suppose you have not set a date for the trip yet, no worries! Take your estimated cost and work towards it by setting aside money regularly as you would normally. Doing so will give you an idea of when you can take the vacation.


In short, saving money for a vacation can be difficult, but it will be worthwhile. If you follow all of the tips we listed here, we are confident that you will be visiting the islands in no time at all!

This article was originally posted at Sonic Charters.

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