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Tropical painkillers over Christmas ham. Caribbean sun over snow. Bar friends over family conflict. When it comes to taking a holiday trip to the Virgin Islands, the choice seems like a no-brainer. But before hitting the Confirm button on your booking, you might need to have some uncomfortable conversations with family members. Here are 8 pretty effective ways to break it to your relatives that you’ll be spending your holidays on a balmy island instead of in your wintry hometown.


1. Tell Them Early

Avoiding that uncomfortable conversation? Delaying the inevitable will only make things worse. Go ahead and tell your folks as soon as you know you won’t be doing the traditional thing for the holidays this year.


2. Don’t Text the Message

Texts can be misinterpreted, since they don’t convey the natural warmth and love you feel for your folks. This kind of news warrants a phone call that lets them hear the genuineness in your voice.


3. Break it to Them Gently

As much as you prefer the smell of sunscreen over cinnamon, be ready for your parents not to agree or like your big announcement. Prepare them for the news with something like “I’m sorry if this is upsetting to you, but I’ve decided to spend the holidays in the tropics. I’ll really miss seeing you all.”


 4. Say You’re Sorry

Tell mom you’re sorry that she’s feeling hurt about your absence. Be sure to express your sadness that you won’t be joining them this year. Find your authenticity by reflecting on happy times.


5. Let Them Talk

It may be upsetting to listen to their grief, but don’t try to drown out their reactions with endless chatter. Give them a chance to express their emotions: sadness, crying, and even anger. If it gets out of control, repeat that you’re sorry to upset them, and then get off the phone. Don’t react.


6. I’ll See You Next Year

Convey the message that this trip isn’t a permanent deal. Instead, you’re just popping down for a beach vacation this year and next year you’ll (maybe) be back to business as usual.


 7. Why Don’t You Come Along?

If you get along with your relatives, you can always ask some of the ones you love spending time with to join you in the Caribbean.


8. Stick to Your Plans

Once you make your plans, stick to them. Watch out for guilt-tripping and people-pleasing tendencies. It can be hard to go against the grain and break tradition, but it can be worth it. (Trust us, you’ll forget your woes the second you feel the warm salty air on your skin!)


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