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We’ve said it before: when you rent a boat on St. John, you get a glimpse of a better life. With so many world class beaches and bays within minutes of each other, it’s hard to come away from your private cruise without a little extra love for the Virgin Islands.

Perhaps that’s why one rising designer recently told the press that Trunk Bay is where she finds her inspirations:

Trunk Bay, St. John, in the Virgin Islands. We have a family house on the island, so the memories are endless. Our home is a mile away from the beach, so I usually try to hike down the side of the mountain to get in some exercise. After immediately jumping in the water, we sit for a picnic and a nap—my favorite thing to do. The beach is really small—about a mile long—and is an island secret. Because it’s not too crowded and the bay is really calm, I usually take a long swim in the later afternoon along the beach. The day ends watching the sunset and drinking bushwhackers from the beach bar – the name of the drink is a little intense, but it’s delicious. Trust me.

We know that bar, and we know the feeling you get when you relax anywhere in Trunk Bay. Our clients often tell us that these brief excursions stay with them for months afterward, and beckon them back to visit St. John once again the following year.

If you’re looking to rent a boat and see St. John the way it’s meant to be seen, contact Sonic Charters today.

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