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Spend Less Money and Enjoy More in The Virgin Islands

Our busy lives very seldom leave us time to do anything fun, and many of us find ourselves tired and cranky at the end of the day. What we all need is to take a few days off, get some much needed R&R, and properly re-energize ourselves. 

A great way to relax on a tight budget (and actually save money doing so), is to take a trip down to St Thomas, charter a boat from a premium rental company, and enjoy a truly magical escape in the Virgin Islands. 

Sound too good to be true? We assure you it’s not!

The Virgin Islands are pure natural beauty

beauty of the beach

With breathtaking beaches tucked safely in between luxuriant and rich green mountains, with miles of white sand and clear blue waters, all three Virgin Islands are arguably among the most beautiful places on earth. 

Some islands that people absolutely love to visit are Virgin Gorda and Sandy Clay. With amazing reefs to snorkel through, and diverse marine life just waiting to be explored below the waves, these islands have beaches you will never forget. 

Once you do get there, life tends to slow down and relax almost instinctively. Instead of worrying about work or traffic, you can finally relax with the sound of waves in your ears, and a glass of painkiller (wink!) in your hand.

The day isn’t truly over till you spent time on the water

virgin island beach

The Virgin Islands today are just what nature intended them to be, with sandy beaches, large rainforests, and a clear blue ocean with perfect snorkeling and swimming spots. But if there is one thing that you really must do, it is to cruise the ocean in your own private boat, and have a picnic in the middle.

At Sonic Charters, we make sure your visit to the Virgin Islands is one you will remember for years to come. 

Believe us, we get it. We all need to observe social distancing. But what if we told you that we have been doing this since before the pandemic even began. We guarantee that all of our customers get an uninterrupted and private experience of the islands, without hundreds of people bumping into you and spoiling your memories. 

When you book a cruise with us, it is only going to be you, and your loved ones, all alone, in some of the most beautiful spots on earth. 

There are new things to explore around every corner

virgin island beaches

Perhaps the most popular activity our guests enjoy on the Virgin Islands is snorkeling. There are few experiences that are more incredible than being able to enjoy the beautiful reefs and marine life in cool, crystal clear water with a warm sun at your back. 

At some secret spots on St Thomas, you can even swim with turtles and more fascinating marine animals. There also are a couple of shipwrecks around, just waiting to be explored. Only the best boat rental companies will ever take you there.

But there is so much more to do. You can climb up to the MountainTop on St Thomas to experience one of National Geographic’s Top 10 sights in the world. Or you can explore the entire rainforest by soaring through it on a two-hour-long, tree limin’ zipline. 

If that doesn’t sound exciting enough, just wait till you see the sky bridges from where you can soak in the beauty of clear blue skies, and a warm friendly sun shining down on a calm, sparkling ocean. 

Savings Everywhere in the Virgin Islands

best boat rental

If you are thinking about what this vacation could cost, let us tell you right now that it’s lower than you think! What’s more, flights to Virgin Islands have never been cheaper, and a lot of airlines are simply lining up for business.  

But the real savings start when you actually reach the Virgin Islands and take full benefit of the many duty-free shops.

You heard that right, duty-free stores. Did you know that a single visitor to the islands can purchase up to $1600 worth of goods, totally tax-free. This means that if you come with your family, you can save in taxes for up to $5000 worth of products. 

If this isn’t a great deal, we don’t know what is. So pick up your phone, book a flight to the Virgin Islands, and contact the premier boat rental company in St. Thomas to take care of the rest.

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