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Renting a Boat in St. Thomas Made Easy

For many people, a vacation is a luxury that maybe they can afford once (or twice) a year. Many of those people travel to the US Virgin Islands because St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John are beautiful, safe, and affordable.

While vacationers are always amazed by how inexpensive it is to travel to the US Virgin Islands, they may not realize how affordable it is to rent a boat in St. Thomas. 

Since renting a boat in the Caribbean is not something that you do every day, we would like to take a minute to tell you what you should look for in a boat charter company.

First, look at the reviews. Sonic Charters has consistently earned praise on Trip Advisor and other review websites. Our customers have complimented us because we are affordable, but at the same time, our boats are luxurious.

Second. Look at the amenities that come with the boat rental. Ours come with freshwater showers. This may not sound like a big deal until you get a whiff of someone who didn’t have a chance to shower off after snorkeling in the Caribbean.

Next, make sure the boat you rent is built for fun. You want a boat that has dive doors for excursions.

Finally, you want to rent a boat that looks like it would be a relaxing place to hang. Look for one with comfortable seats and a good sound system.

Sonic has made it easy for you. We check off all the boxes and will give you a perfect day on the water. 

This article was originally posted at St. Thomas Boat Rental and Charter.

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