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Haulover Bay is one body of water, but it’s framed by two separate beaches: Haulover North and Haulover South. North is considered the more rugged of the two; it demands a higher degree of dedication before yielding its many wildlife wonders. Haulover South is the sandy beauty where most beachgoers congregate:

Located just across the street – on the south side of East End Road – you’ll find the visitor-favorite Haulover South. Convenient access, decent snorkeling and a short stretch of sandy beach make this a great choice for soaking up some St John sun with sand between your toes!

Getting to one or both beaches by land requires a hike and some patience. Getting into the heart of the bay takes nothing more than a rental boat from St. John, and a desire to see some of the lesser-traveled beaches of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Sonic Charters makes every trip unique, with luxury rental boats skippered by experienced local captains. Whether you want to see Haulover, Honeymoon or Waterlemon, we’ve got you covered. Call today to book a rental boat in St. John.

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