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Need a cheat sheet for getting it right this Valentine’s Day?

If you’re thinking romantic getaway, there’s no place like the Virgin Islands. Cruise your way to a paradise escapade together with these 5 surefire tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day (the RIGHT way) in the Virgin Islands:

1. Rekindle a Shared Memory

Tailor your trip to evoke past memories that are special to both of you (and create new ones along the way). Maybe you had your first date hiking together. Maybe you got married on the beach. Perhaps between kids and work, you rarely get away for a date back home and just need to unwind.

Your Perfect Day:st_thomas_cruise Try heading to Lind Point, and hit the trails together. Stop for a cutesy lovebird photo at Lind Point Overlook. Afterward, hit Honeymoon Beach (the name just spells romance) for a refreshing dip. And then spend the day just lazing in the tropical sun – together. (Bonus points if you tag her in a photo from your wedding day.) Just before sunset, make your way to an open-air bar for some refreshing cocktails. We recommend Emerald Beach bar, right on Lindbergh Bay.

2. Create a Romantic Adventure

Do something exhilarating – together. Try zip lining at Tree Limin’ Extreme Zipline Park. Or try out other action-packed options like parasailing, or even skydiving, also available on St. Thomas. It’s exciting, it’s smile-worthy, and it’s something remarkable to look back on for years to come.

3. Spark Excitement with a Surprise

Rent a boat charter and ask to have her favorite treat on board – whether champagne, chocolates, or flowers. Your Sonic Charters boat captain can have it ready and waiting when you’re picked up.

St. John After the Storms, January 2018. Photo Credit: Steve Simonsen Photography

4. Escape to a Remote Island

Nothing says she’s the only one in the world who matters like escaping to a deserted island together. Sandy Spit is notorious for getting that remote-island feel and surrounding yourselves with nothing but blue-green ocean. And bonus: Sandy Spit is shaped like a heart. Just ask your Sonic Charters boat captain to recommend alluring hidden beaches only the locals know about.

5. Appeal to Her Girly Side

Speak the language of her heart by taking her shopping. Stroll the streets of Charlotte Amalie together and let her shop the many different stores to her heart’s content. Buy her a sentimental piece of jewelry that speaks her style and memorializes the trip. And…be sure to hold her hand.

Honeymoon Beach Post Irma. Photo Credit: News of St. John

At Sonic Charters St. Thomas Boat Rental, our goal is simple: to ensure that your visit to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands

is greater than you ever dreamed. Whether you want to swim with the vibrant fish of the reef, kick back on a white sandy beach accessible only by boat, or party it up out on a tranquil bay, we have exactly the rental or charter for you. For $100 off a Luxury Sea Ray Sundancer rental, use Coupon Code: VDAY18




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