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It’s about the people…

“It’s not what experiences you’ve had but who you’ve had those experiences with.”- Dan Whalen

If you haven’t looked who is the author of this blog, take a quick glance. Yup, same name as the quote. You’re damn right I started this blog by quoting myself. I was going to put some thoughtful or introspective quote from some famous philosopher or author, but I didn’t feel it would be fitting for writing about my experiences chartering boats in the US Virgin Islands. Walt Whitman’s quotes were too earthy and I thought it too cheesy to start off with “Two wakes diverged into a yellow sun…” blah, blah, blah, painkiller. Instead, you are left with my quote that I actually think can be referenced throughout my life, especially for an introductory blog with Sonic Charters St Thomas Boat Rental.

Let me give you a quick backstory on why I am actually typing in the first place and how I got to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. I graduated from SUNY Cortland in New York with a Physical Education degree (I’m sure you could you tell by now that I wasn’t an English major, but if you want a Frisbee thrown into a basketball hoop from 75 feet away? I’m your man…seriously I have video evidence.) I was job hunting in the black hole of the New York State education system when my brother, living in the Virgin Islands, sent me a link with a job opening at a private school on island. I applied, sent my resume, obviously crushed the interview and badda bing, badda boom fuggetaboutit howyadoin, I got the job. Cut ahead four months to me meeting a shirtless Morgan Locke (to see the house I might potentially move into) holding back his seventy-five pound black lab so I don’t get hugged and/or humped. Cut ahead fifteen seconds, I see his future fiancé and boat entrepreneur Carrie waving to me. Cut ahead eight more seconds to me being humped and/or hugged by the sweetest black lab. “What’s his name?” I ask. “Sonic.” The first thing that popped into my head then? Nope, not the blue hedgehog collecting gold rings with his friend who has an inordinate amount of tails. My first thought: “That’s an awesome name.” I moved in with Carrie and Morgan a year and a half ago and have seen this charter company grow from its conception to where it has come today – with a badass thirty-two foot Intrepid.

I grew up on the Hudson River in New York, but had rarely ever been on a boat. My parents weren’t the boat type and neither were any of my friends parents. However, my first boat trip down here literally changed the course of my life. It’s an incredible experience, through the power of science and displacement, being able to navigate the islands on the water and take in the beauty. I fell in love with boating that day. I progressed from wanting to go out more to wanting to learn more. I wanted to actually become a licensed captain and take people out on my own trips (still in the works!) I became hooked. What I’ve realized, however, is that it’s not necessarily the experience of going to White Bay and drinking five painkillers that’s so amazing (wait was it five? I think it might have been six …Checking receipt… Nope twelve. I had twelve.) Instead, it’s that you and eleven of your friends and family can ALL experience this together. No Facebook needed. In fact, turn your cell phones off. You’ll get roaming charges anyway. Boating in the Virgin Islands is about the adventure your specific group wants to take. If you want to put on a life jacket, snorkel gear and find a turtle, then this is the perfect trip for you. If you’ve lived on island for two years (me), want to put on music and dance around like an idiot (me), and have drinks with your friends (me), then this is the trip for you. That’s the beauty of the St. John, St. Thomas, British Virgin Islands charter boat experience; the success of experience will be directly correlated to the group that you bring with you. It’s not what experiences you’ve had but who you’ve had those experiences with. It’s about the people…

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