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Our job as rental boat experts is to ferry you wherever you want to go in St. John – but of course, that means you must know where you want to go. This site can help: a professional overview of the parks, beaches, and attractions that make St. John such a popular vacation destination around the world.

We are especially enamored of this page, which includes a laundry list of boat charter companies in St. john – including yours truly. “Snorkeling, picnicking, and relaxing” is a perfect way to describe a day on the water with Sonic Charters, although we would have preferred they also included “blissing out” and “staring, mouth agape, at all the beauty.”

We can plan an ideal day for you that includes stops at every beach and restaurant you’ve been longing to see. Speak with one of our wonderful customer reps today, or contact us by email to start the plan. We can’t wait to see you.

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