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It’s that time again. Time to pack up, fly down, get wet and enjoy the very best snorkeling that the U.S. Virgin Islands has to offer.

Visitors often ask us to point them toward the top spots. St. John and St. Thomas are both renowned for their dazzling waters and pristine wildlife, so you really can’t go wrong between the two. But as this list makes clear, in many eyes, St. John remains the crown jewel of the region, which is why the article includes Hurricane Hole, Waterlemon Cay, and Haulover Bay among the most coveted destinations in the area.

Our St. John boat rentals let you spend a full day gliding from bay to bay, enjoying great food, hi-fi music and all the finest amenities along the way.

Check out the full article for some detailed descriptions of everything you’re likely to see throughout your snorkeling excursions. Then contact the St. John boat charter experts to make it all come true.

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