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Ge the Most Out of Your Vacation in the Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands offer a wealth of adventures to the first-time traveler, from endless white sandy beaches to choose from, to hours of fun on the crystal clear waters. Wondering how to cram in as much fun as possible, and hit all the best spots on your vacation? Here’s how to have it all on your first visit to the beautiful Virgin Islands.

Travel to the BVI. They’re a Must-See

The British Virgin Islands are a unique experience you don’t want to miss. From desert islands to beachy bar huts and laid-back artsy environments, each island is a whole world waiting to explore. Rent a boat for the day to try these favorites (And don’t forget your passport!):

Prickly Pear. Uninhabited island? Yes, please. This beach has a casual vibe and is just opposite the lovely, well-renowned Virgin Gorda.

Virgin Gorda. Make your way over to Virgin Gorda, and stroll along the sugary beaches of Spring Bay and Devil’s Bay. And don’t leave the island without checking out The Baths, the boulder encircled grotto that’s on every seasoned traveler’s bucket list.

-Sandy Cay. Another remote gem that becomes your own private island to explore once you arrive by boat. Hike the trail, swim, snorkel, and relax in the white sand.

Reserve Plenty of Time for Doing Nothing

Don’t make the mistake of over-scheduling. If you’re rushing from the jeep rental place to sightseeing tours to guided activities, you’ll miss out on what the islands are all about. Stick to the basics: sunscreen, beach towel, and a drink in your hand. Find a beach to park on for the day, and you’re good to go.

Devote a Whole Day to Water Play

Do not underestimate the lure of the calm, clear, aquamarine beauty surrounding every island. Dive in deep, and explore the underworld. Hit up the National Park Underwater Trail of St. John, dubbed by travelers as a snorkeling paradise. It’s marked with plaques on the sea floor and teeming with colorful tropical fish and coral. Make some waves in a speedboat rental while listening to your favorite music. Step out of the dive door with a tube and a drink, and float your way to relaxation.

Don’t Over-Schedule

Allow for time to stop and soak in the beautiful views that are all around, savoring each moment you’re in the tropics. Take a day just to explore without setting a course, letting your whims guide you, and see where you wind up. Some good starting points:

-The Reef Bay Trail of St. John. It’s a mesmerizing jungle trek. Be sure to check out the petroglyphs and the fresh water pool.

-Beach of Watermelon Cay. Look for starfish and sea turtles often spotted right from the shore!

-Restaurants and Shopping of Charlotte Amalie. It’s a bustling, fun experience that is high on every tourist’s agenda.


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