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Tips on How to Make Your Group Trip Easy

Traveling in a large group can be fun. Maybe your parents are footing the bill, the wedding party is hanging out, or the sales team is celebrating a great year in the office. But with different personality types, ages, and interests, things can start to go downhill, fast. Here are some suggestions for actually enjoying your vacation, even when you’re traveling with a large group.

Acknowledge the Issues Up Front

Go ahead and recognize that this vacation isn’t going to solve all your issues. Swaying palm trees and crystal blue waters alone won’t magically mend that unresolved co-worker conflict, or suddenly make your stepdaughter like you. Just identify what they are, and figure out ways to work with them.

Figure Out What You Want to Accomplish on This Trip

Setting high expectations, like trying to squeeze everyone into a packed schedule, or hoping to get a social-media perfect photo chronicling every minute of your trip can result in all-around bad moods. Better just to decide ahead of time to keep the expectations neutral. Set out to simply visit some sites, keep things low-key, and return refreshed.

Start with a Homerun

Start the trip on the right foot by choosing an uber popular outing that has something for everyone. Go for a mild activity (this isn’t the time to go backpacking uphill), with both indoor and outdoor activities available in the same locale. Make sure there’s a place nearby to grab snacks or go shopping, so everyone can spread out and have fun.

Make Sure Everyone Carves Out Time to Recharge

Don’t plan on doing every single thing together. It’ll just lead to begrudging people-pleasing. Instead, your best bet is to make sure you stay in a place offering plenty of transportation options. Find out where the nearest bus stop is, post the cab company’s number on the fridge, and arrange a schedule for who’s using the rental car, when. A little planning will keep your fellow travelers from feeling stuck.

Figure out Compatible Groups

Go ahead and accept now that there’s no way to make everyone happy. Instead, pair groups of people off by similar goals. Still struggling to plaster on a smile with your MIL? Ask her to watch the kids while you and your husband enjoy a nice romantic dinner. Hosting a wedding party where the bridesmaid briefly dated the groom? Plan lots of girls-only activities. You get the picture.

Plan Extra Time for Everything (And Then Double It)

Moving about in a large group will slow you down – big time. You may not realize just how long your sorority sister takes to get ready in the mornings until you’re running late for breakfast. Keep the resentment levels down by planning to move slowly and keeping appointments padded with buffers.

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