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The U.S. Virgin Islands are host to a world-renowned recreation industry which includes water sports, snorkeling, boat rentals, and parasailing. But nothing gets the heart racing like the more extreme end of the sports industry, which includes honest-to-goodness racing regattas like this one.

One article describes the activity as “an island tour on fast forward,” which is a nice way of saying these boats are crazy fast, and built more for speed than relaxation:

[T]he racers came out to play on round-the-island courses set off St. Thomas’ and St. John’s southern shores. Winds remained in full force with continual gusts over 30 knots making for some wet and wild rides.

But all the engineering in the world cannot diminish the raw beauty of the Caribbean sea, which continued to amaze even at top speed. As one competitor put it, “Where else can you take right off the beach and see all the way to the bottom in 20 feet of water. It’s just beautiful sailing here.”

Our boat tours are somewhat more human in speed and scale, but they are no less thrilling. We offer you Virgin Islands boat tours the way they were meant to be offered, with indulgent luxury boats and the most accommodating captains around.

Call today to book your own private boat tour of the USVI.

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