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Sonic’s Cruise Ship Charters in the Caribbean

We know that people love going on cruises. Cruise ships are becoming larger and grander all the time. We see the gigantic ships as they visit St. Thomas, and we hear about the amenities that the cruise lines offer from our shared customers. 

What we also hear from our cruising customers is how much they enjoy spending the afternoon on one of our humble charter boats. Some even say that spending a few hours on one of our small vessels was the highlight of their entire vacation.

We’ve thought about those compliments a lot. Here’s why we think we hear them repeatedly.

Cruises don’t allow any contact with the ocean.

This seems like a ridiculous statement. When you go on a cruise, you are surrounded by sea. But do you feel it spray on your face? Can you touch it? Can you see the treasures that lie just beneath the surface? You don’t experience any of that while you are on a cruise. 

Cruises don’t allow contact with the land.

The U.S. Virgin Islands offer spectacular views. The vibrant colors of the natural and man-made surroundings will invigorate you. You will feel the soft, warm sand between your toes. You will see the sunsets through a frame of palm trees. When you are on a cruise, you see the vastness of the open ocean, but you don’t feel as if you are a part of the scene. 

Do you want to feel more on your vacation? Contact Sonic Charters when you visit the USVI. We will allow you to experience the wonders of the Caribbean like no cruise can offer. 

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