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How To Plan a Vacation Trip

So you need a vacation. You want to book yourself a getaway somewhere warm, sunny, and preferably somewhere where the food is good and the drinks are strong!

But before you toss your swimsuit in a bag and head for the airport, there are a few things you’ll want to do! By taking the time to go through a few steps before you hit the beach, you’ll be prepared to get there and get back in one piece.

Create a Budget

Whether you’ve got no limits or you need to stick to a shoestring budget, having an idea of what you want to spend will help you delineate your trip. Creating a budget should include money for flights, transportation, hotels, food and drinks, souvenirs, and tours while you’re on the beach.

Keep a bit back for incidentals as well. You never know when you’ll need a Cinnabon at the airport or a new pair of shorts to match your sunburn! This budget will help you get through your entire vacation without racking up thousands in credit card debt and keep your vacation moving.

Decide Where You’re Going

Before you take off, you’ll need to know exactly where you’re going! Choose a destination and make plans centered around that place. Look for out-of-the-way hotels and smaller AirBnB’s that can accommodate your needs.

Busy and bustling places can offer plenty of attractions but when you get off the beaten path a little and choose to stay somewhere more low-key, you’ll find plenty of new things to enjoy! Narrow down your choice by price and amenities offered and check around to see if any deals may apply to your stay.

Book your Flight

Book your Flight

In today’s climate, booking a flight has become even more of a hassle! Start by narrowing down your flights by destination and compare prices to find the one that fits your budget best. Be sure to ask what the policies are for checking bags and masks as the policies change with each airline.

When you book your flight, check to ensure that it’s round-trip or one-way. As fun as a one-way ticket to a beautiful beach sounds, you’d hate to get stuck there when work is waiting for you at home!

Plan your Itinerary

You’ve got a limited amount of time to spend on the island and to make the most of your vacation, you’ll want to have an itinerary. This schedule of events can also help you book tours, boat rentals, jet skis, and more! Coordinate your schedule with your traveling companions and with the times that your flights are landing and departing.

Leave time in your itinerary to simply enjoy the local landscape! Vacations should be about relaxing and pushing yourself too hard on a timetable is a good way to make your vacation much less enjoyable.

Try New Things

Tours and boat rentals can feel like something that retirees do! But step out of your comfort zone! These are often some of the best ways to explore the island and check out your home away from home. The tours are led and coordinated by locals so you’ll have a new perspective on the entire area in no time.

While out and about at restaurants and bars, take the time to try something new off the menu. You’ll expand your horizons and might even end up with a new personal favorite meal!

Be Respectful

While you’re out on a vacation it can feel like you own the entire place and the world is your oyster. But be respectful of the area and the locals. Book environmentally safe tours and events, clean up after yourself and police your trash, and pay attention to the impact you’re leaving on the island.

To keep beautiful places clean and tidy for the next generation, it’s important to invest and take part in environmentally conscious rentals and tours. These will make progress for the continued preservation of the beaches, waterways, and islands in all of your favorite vacation spots!

Help Local Businesses

If you’re using social media during your time on vacation and posting plenty of pictures, make sure to help out local businesses, boat rental agencies, and other groups by tagging them in your posts. This boosts awareness of the business and helps drive more customers to their shores.

Take time during your vacation to disconnect from social media and take in the settings! You’ll be glad for the time to unwind and just appreciate the world around you. Happy planning!

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