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Visiting Virgin Island During Winter Season

If you live in the northern part of America, you understand how brutal and cold the winters can be. No one wants to deal with all of that ice and snow- so why not escape this year instead?

In this article, we will be covering the climate of the Virgin Islands this winter. You can compare that to your current location. Plus, we will be talking about more, so be sure to stick around! Let’s get started.

The Climate on the Virgin Islands

Since the Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, you can feel confident that they are warm and sunny all year round. You can expect the air during the winter to still feel hot, along with a nice breeze.

The weather on the Virgin Islands is going to be different than where you live. Imagine, instead of shoveling out your driveway and sprinkling salt on the sidewalk, you are surrounded by beautiful beaches and hot sand- in the middle of January! What more could you ask for?

Why Take a Winter Vacation

Most people tend to take their vacations in the summer, due to the weather and children having off from school. However, you could still make use of a trip during the winter break this year.

Why? Well, first of all, travel during the winter is generally cheaper than it is during the summer. You might be able to save hundreds of dollars by just moving your trip back a few months.

Plus, you might experience pleasant weather where you live already during the summer. Although the odds that the winters at home are pleasant is much lower. You could take a break from the gray, dreary weather and instead surround yourself with palm trees and blue skies!

Not as many people take winter vacations when compared to travel during the summer. By visiting the Virgin Islands later in the year, you might be able to avoid the crowds while traveling. We are confident that you would have a wonderful experience, especially when you are not surrounded by others trying to get here.

What Temperature Do You Enjoy?

Of course, the water in the area is perfect for swimming all year round. However, before you plan your next trip to the islands, you might want to think about the temperature you would feel the most comfortable in.

Some people are not bothered by 90-degree weather and love the warm sunshine. Others prefer spending time outdoors in weather that is a little cooler than that.

If you visit the islands during the summer, the average temperature is going to be 83 to 90 degrees every day. This temperature can feel hot for some people. However, during the winter months, the weather is a bit cooler.

On average, you can expect the temperature to be about 79 degrees during winter on the islands- which is very comfortable. More rain falls on average during this time, keeping the air less dry and the weather overall more pleasant. There is more of a nice breeze as well.

Any time of year, the islands are quite beautiful, but we still recommend that you consider your personal preferences before you make your final plans for your trip.

Have Your Family Holiday Here

Would it not be lovely to wake up on the Virgin Islands this Christmas? You could have a memorable experience with your family here in a tropical setting. We are confident that any kids would love this!

There is plenty to do on the islands this time of year, so we are also confident that you could find a new, unique, and fun way to celebrate the holidays in the Virgin Islands. There will be plenty of time for exciting adventures- plus, your kids might even get to meet Santa at an event.

Overall, this time of year is magical for so many different reasons. However, you could make this Christmas even more exciting by planning a family trip to the islands.


Winter can be a cold and dreary time of year for many people. If you want to spice things up this winter, why not plan a trip to the islands? We are sure that you would love to take a break from the snow and ice.

It is warm here year-round, so you do not have to be worried about the weather getting you down. Plus, if you want to visit the Virgin Islands, this time of year is more comfortable for many people temperature-wise.

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