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Most of the sports press is aware that retired Yankees slugger Derek Jeter is engaged to marry Hannah Davis, who grew up in St. Thomas. But they may not be aware of just how deep the power couple’s ties to our fair island run.

Now reports are surfacing that Jeter and his future bride may tie the knot here in the USVI, on the grounds of Jeter’s own local property:

While the guest list is a mystery, sources say Jeter has remained close to former teammate Jorge Posada. A possible wedding locale is Jeter and Davis’ sprawling compound in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, where Davis grew up.

It’s hard to imagine a better place to celebrate than St. Thomas, which enjoys a worldwide reputation as one of the loveliest places on Earth. That David hails from here just adds to the charm for both of them, making it a perfect destination wedding that’s also a hometown bash.

Listen to Derek Jeter: St. Thomas is an amazing place to visit and enjoy. Join us this summer and take a trip to an island paradise where you can rent a boat and have a blast!

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