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The cruise ships are back! And our Sonic Charters crew is fully operating and open for business, ready to take you out exploring this holiday season.


Photo Credit: Virgin Islands Free Press (http://vifreepress.com/2017/11/welcome-back-businesses-cruise-ship-passengers-amazed-quickly-st-thomas-bounced-back-hurricane-irma/). Taken 11/3/17 at Havensight, St. Thomas.

The cruise ships are rolling in, and the Ports of the Virgin Islands are welcoming thousands of cruise ship passengers this month. Local restaurants and bars, re-opened white sandy beaches, and Sonic Charters boat rentals are extending a huge welcome to cruise ship passengers porting in our beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands.

Two months after Hurricane Irma and Maria cleanup, we’re ready to showcase the forever-beauty of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our favorite spots are green and lush again. The water is deep blue and crystal clear. And the best vacation destination ever is still the best vacation destination ever.

Here’s what Seabourn Odyssey passenger Robert Schultz, one of the first cruise ship passengers to return after Hurricane Irma and Maria, had to say to Virgin Islands Free Press: “Considering what happened, it’s absolutely phenomenal that they’ve recovered so quick. We were downtown and we saw that things had happened, but we expected it to be totally destroyed. It’s a beautiful country, a beautiful island, but we’re really impressed. People are so upbeat.”

Check out the latest update on cruise passengers’ favorite hotspots to explore when stopping over in St. Thomas:

 1. Honeymoon Beach, St. John


Photo Credit: News of St. John (http://newsofstjohn.com/2017/11/13/soloman-honeymoon-the-lind-point-trail/). Honeymoon Beach, taken 11/13/17.

Always a favorite, Honeymoon Beach is known for romance and natural splendor. Not interested in trekking the Lind Point Trail? Our boats can bypass the need for hiking and get you direct, feet-in-the-sand access to the sunny white beach. Sound like a lovely alternative to holiday family drama? It is.

2. Magens Bay, St. Thomas

Always a favorite among Caribbean cruise ship passengers, Magens Bay offers the first glimpse of the allure the Virgin Islands are known for. Cleanup efforts have been fruitful, and earlier this month, Magens Bay welcomed cruise ship passengers in a grand re-opening with dancing, drums, and celebration. The restaurant is still being repaired, but drinks are being served.

3. Francis Bay, St. John

Below is a picture taken this month of the stunningly gorgeous, inviting bay water. Visitors often report spotting sea turtles in the clear water.


Photo Credit: News of St. John Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/NewsofStJohn/). Francis Bay, taken 11/11/17.

And speaking of water, the sights are radiant above and below. Check out this underwater glimpse of paradise, captured by Steve Simonsen, local photographer capturing the recovery on St. John.


Photo Credit: Steve Simonsen Photography (https://www.facebook.com/SteveSimonsenPhotography/). Little St. James, taken October 2017.

4. Hawksnest Beach, St. John

Hawksnest Beach of St. John is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Charlotte Amalie port when you’re island hopping by boat charter. This photo, taken a few days ago by photographer Steve Simonsen, shows the breathtaking turquoise waters.


Photo Credit: Steve Simonsen Photography (https://www.facebook.com/SteveSimonsenPhotography/). Hawksnest Beach and Bay, taken 11/8/17

Be sure to also explore: Lindquist Beach, Sapphire Beach, Brewers Bay, Hull Bay, and many more classic tourist favorites. Our boats can take you to any of these beautiful destinations while stopping over during your Caribbean cruise port time. Just ask your Sonic Charters captain for special recommendations.

Discover the beauty St. Thomas and St. John are known for.


When it’s cold outside, there’s no place like the warm, sunny Virgin Islands for the holidays. Plan an unforgettable holiday cruise in the Virgin Islands and receive $100 off a Sonic Charters Luxury Sea Ray Sundancer rental using Coupon Code: HOLIDAY17.


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