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Let’s talk about cruise ships. Like any major modern indulgence, they come with a set of pros and cons, many of which are mirror images of each other:

Pro: You can spend a few days in the lap of luxury.
Con: You spend your days coddled and inert.

Pro: You can travel the world in style.
Con: You barely see the world outside the boat at all.

You get the idea. Cruise ships are fun and relaxing, but they hardly qualify as mind-expanding travel adventures. That’s why the market for cruise ship excursions has been growing for many years: sometimes travelers want to get closer to the water and notch an experience that’s a bit more personal.

Sonic Charters offers cruise ship charters serving all the major cruise lines that come through St. Thomas. We take guests off their floating cities and invite them into a speedy luxury boat, where the only itinerary is the one they choose.

Guests love our cruise ship charters.

If you’re heading our way and want to see the ocean from a completely different perspective, book a cruise excursion with Sonic and get your adventure on.

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