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Tie The Knot in the Virgin Islands

Did COVID get in the way of your wedding? Why not tie the knot in the Virgin Islands?

If the pandemic forced you to cancel your wedding plans- you are not alone. It has happened to thousands of couples in the United States. Navigating COVID was highly stressful for everyone, without having to reschedule and replan this important event.

Why Choose the Islands

After going through this isolating situation, you might be reconsidering what your dream wedding looks like. After spending so much time inside the house, many people want to have an outdoor event. Plus, many want their wedding to be much, much smaller now.

Instead of hosting a wedding event with hundreds, why not invite your close family and friends to a beach wedding on the Virgin Islands? We are sure the event would be much more meaningful to you. You would have less to cater as well.

The Islands are beautiful, and there is so much there to see and explore. If you want to create pleasant memories, they are the best place to do so.

Have a Gorgeous Beach Wedding

One of the best reasons to have a beach wedding would be the atmosphere. You get the background of the ocean, plenty of sunlight, the sound of the waves, and a pleasant sea breeze- all in the warmth.

If you plan on staying multiple days, you can experience several memorable events. Walk the beach at night and see the stars, or you might enjoy the Caribbean culture. 

Overall, beach weddings are stunning. You will always remember every moment of your wedding if you decide to have it in the Virgin Islands!

Practice Social Distancing

Weddings can be a crowded event, which is not good during a pandemic. An outdoor wedding is much better during the current situation. We are sure that you will enjoy the fresh air and room to space out much more than being in a cramped building.

There are many reasons to have a beach wedding- your safety should be the biggest benefit of them all!

Guests Can Explore

Your guests will have plenty of options for adventure while on the Islands. They can swim, explore, dive, and more with Sonic Charters. We can also take your guests between the Islands as needed.

They will be able to explore on their own after your main event. That way, they can have their adventures and enjoy the beach in their own time. Plus, your guests will enjoy having their freedom to have fun in the sun. They can swim and relax on the beach. 

If you decide to have your wedding during the summer, they may also be able to enjoy the St. John’s festival. There are plenty of cultural dishes to taste and a parade!

Move Right to the Honeymoon

As another benefit, you can also move right onto your island honeymoon! Instead of having to get on another plane, you can easily travel right to your resort location. There are plenty of beautiful locations to visit that are perfect for a honeymoon.

Enjoy a hotel stay right on the beach, snorkel, and enjoy the wonderful culture of the Caribbean! There are plenty of unique dishes to try and events to experience on the Islands. We are sure you will make plenty of wonderful memories when you stay here after the wedding.

We Can Make Your Dream Wedding

Sonic Charters would help with all the transportation. We are a premier, reliable boat rental company and have plenty of experience in working large celebrations. We have even been featured in Island Style Weddings, an online community dedicated to weddings in the Caribbean.

You and your guests can go island hopping, walk the beach, and enjoy the sights. You can also explore secret coves or take a romantic sunset cruise with your loved one. We know all the best locations, so be sure to ask!

Schedule Today

Many couples are interested in having their weddings on the Islands due to the pandemic. You want to be sure you can have all the events you want while in a beautiful location. It helps to schedule with us as soon as possible to ensure we aren’t booked.

If you have any questions, Sonic Charters would love to assist you! We have many years of experience in working with these types of large events. We want to help you have a romantic, memorable day that you will always look back on fondly.

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