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Tie The Knot In The Virgin Islands

Did COVID force you to reschedule your wedding? Why not tie the knot in the Virgin Islands?

Over the last several months, the pandemic put the kibosh on many couple’s wedding plans. If this happened to you, we are so sorry. Navigating through the virus was stressful enough without having to reschedule one of the most important events of your life. 

But perhaps this time at home has made you reconsider what type of wedding you would like to have. While you thought that having a catered affair for three hundred friends was the appropriate way to celebrate, a long period of isolation may have revealed that you didn’t miss being around many of those people. 

Instead of hosting a party for people you could do without, why not gather a few of your closest friends and family members and have a wedding on the beach? And afterward, you can have the best reception ever, with a Sonic Charter boat captain as your host. 

Sonic Charters is the premier St. Thomas boat rental company, and we are no stranger to big celebrations. In fact, we have been featured on Island Style Weddings, an online community that gives tips on the best places to tie the knot in the Caribbean. 

You and your guests can go island hopping or take a romantic sunset cruise. Or perhaps you can book a charter boat through us to have your pre-wedding brunch.

Contact Sonic Charters today so we can get you on our schedule. 

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