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Few places on the planet are better for snorkeling than the U.S. Virgin Islands. The spectacular underwater views feature thousands of multicolored fish, huge rays, sea turtles, and squid, and a marine ecosystem made of coral.

You’re probably already convinced to go snorkeling in the U.S. Virgin Islands, but you might wonder the best way to do it. There are plenty of snorkeling excursion companies in our vicinity, but there are some drawbacks to booking with them. 

First, you will be in a large group of snorkelers with varying experience. It takes away time for actual snorkeling when there are a lot of people to manage. Second, the excursion companies typically drop anchor and have everyone swim around the boat, whether or not there is much to see. Finally, the excursion companies all seem to go to the same places.

Why not experience the fantastic underwater diversity of the USVI by renting a boat with Sonic Charters? Our captains are extremely familiar with the best-secluded snorkeling spots. This means you won’t be bumping into others as you go beneath the waves. When you rent a boat with Sonic Charters, you can bounce from location to location as you desire. This is the better way to experience the underwater life of the USVI. 

Snorkeling in the USVI can be a transcendent experience. It’s definitely one you will never forget. Don’t trust your sacred vacation time with a large excursion company. You will have a much better experience with us. Contact Sonic Charters to book your snorkeling trip in St. Thomas or St. John today.

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